Bellows Sealed Glove Valve (Euro Chlor Design-Manual)

Technical Specifications

  • Series: 2200-BS ECD Manual
  • Size: ½” (15 mm) to 8” (200 mm)
  • Rating: ANSI 150# to 600#(Other standards available on request)
  • Design Code: ASME B16.34

  • Uniflow developed complete range of control valves these valves are normally equipped with linear Actuators
  • Zero emission
  • Valve meets requirements of Euro Chlor / Chlorine Institute Pamphlet 6 standard
  • Bellows fully housed in an extended bonnet for protection against erosion
  • Stem Sealed by multiwall, hydroformed bellows guaranteed for 50,000 Nos life cycles
  • Fully entrapped Body-Bonnet gasket ensures joint integrity
  • Added safety sealing to atmosphere by means of additional stuffing Box
  • Recommended for applications where bellows has to be flushed by flow in case of risk of polymerization, crystallization
  • Designed for critical service applications involving lethal, toxic, corrosive, inflammable, volatile, radiating fluids
  • Dry chlorine (CL2) Service temperature -40°C to 120°C/ -40°F to 248°C
  • Anhydrous Hydrogen Chloride (HCL)
  • Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid (HF)
  • Phosgene (COCL2)
  • Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM)
  • Ethylene Dichloride (EDC)
  • Isocyanates (smI, TDI, HDI etc)
  • Industries like Nuclear Fuel, pesticides Insecticides, polycarbonates polyurethane, PVC
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