Electrical Actuated Globe Control Valve

Technical Specifications

  • Series: 2200EL
  • Size: ½” (15 mm) to 20” (500 mm)
  • Rating: ANSI 150# to 2500# | DIN PN 400 (Other standards available on request)
  • Design Code: ASME B16.34

  • Emission free
  • Precision control
  • High flow capacity and high gain
  • Excellent flow control rangeability
  • Heavy post guided single seated control valves
  • Anti-cavitation / low noise trims
  • Wide range of interchangeable trim range available
  • Tight shut-off and soft seated options
  • Angle body available optionally
  • Low emission gland packing available optionally
  • High powered actuator available
  • Voltage:- 230AC/110AC/24VDC/Single/3 Phase
  • Offers one control for liquids, oils, gases and steam
  • Boiler feed water, Low pressure and High pressure steam
  • High pressure, high temperature & high pressure drop applications
  • Suitable for fuids like Oxygen, Chlorine, Thermic fluid and Sea water
  • Used in Energy, Nuclear, Fertilizer, Chemical and Petrochemical Sector
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