Teflon Lined Bellows Sealed Globe Valve (Manual)

Technical Specifications

  • Series: 2201-BS (Manual)
  • Size: 1” (25 mm) to 4” (100 mm)
  • Rating: ANSI 150# & Equivalent
  • Design Code: ASME B16.34

  • Emission free
  • One-piece valve body
  • Standard PTFE bellows and Heavy-duty bellows
  • Heavy duty PTFE bellows design has an enhanced resistance to permeation
  • Exchangeable PTFE seat and PTFE plug, Easy top entry maintenance
  • Offers superior solution for addressing aggressive or corrosive media especially in the chemical industry
  • Economical compared to costly special metals (Hastelloy®,Monel®,Titanium etc.)
  • Test connection for monitoring of the bellow primary seal and detecting leakage
  • Stem sealed by PTFE bellow with an additional safety packing as secondary seal
  • Wide range of Lining Material (PTFE, antistatic PFA, FEP, PVDF)
  • Wide range of trim selection like PTFE, CFT, GFT, Modified PTFE
  • FDA approved wetted parts available on request
  • All lined parts checked with spark testing at 15 KVA to 20 KVA

  • Corrosive chemical use, including most hazardous and toxic fluids
  • Ultimate performance handling Chlorine (Wet & Dry) and Bromine
  • Hydrochloric, Sulphuric, Nitric and Hydrofluoric acids Industrial reagents, Alkaline and strong basic fluids and most organics
  • Sterilizable medical application for highly permeating media (e.g. Chlorine, Bromine)
  • Design for combustible and potentially explosive media
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